martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

Lámparas de Diseño

ColoredSHAPE Black. We’re seeing flat design everywhere, even in bed light designs(Image Source: Sabrina Fossi)
ColoredSHAPE Black
Solar Mushroom Lamp – Avatar Plant Flowers Night Light. Colorful shrooms! (Image Source:CSL)
Solar Mushroom Lamp - Avatar Plant Flowers Night Light
Boon Glo Nightlight. This is a great idea for those who need a light for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. (Image Source: The Glow Company)
Boon Glo Nightlight
EGGLIGHT. There’s a egg-citing concept you don’t see every day. (Image Source: Igor Pinigin)
Portable Pocket LED Card Light Lamp. Here’s one portable lighting source that you can store in your wallet. (Image Source: Sinedya)
Portable Pocket LED Card Light Lamp
Martyr. That lightbulb is out of its mind. Someone stop him. (Image Source: The Play Coalition)
Light Blubs. Dude, I think your lightbulb is sick. (Image Source: Pieke Bergmans)
Light Blubs
Pear Light. Someone finally made the link between pear shapes and lightbulb shapes; they are one of the same! (Image Source: Nick Foley)
Pear Light
Liquid Light. Dripping lights to the rescue. (Image Source: Liquid Light)
Liquid Light
Ring Lamp. TRON-inspired concept for a ring lamp. (Image Source: Loris Bottello)
Ring Lamp
Hat Table Lamp. Bowler hats as table lamps, what will they think of next? (Image Source: Jake Phipps)
Hat Table Lamp
At Your Command. Position the mannequins any way you want to get the right amount of light where you want it. (Image Source: Daniel Loves Object)
At Your Command
Nixie Tube Thermometer. This is a DIY light slash thermometer that displays Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin (heaven knows why), and humidity. (Image Source: Think Geek)
Nixie Tube Thermometer
DIY Clouds Night Light. The House of the Rising Sun, literally. (Image Source: Design Rulz)
DIY Clouds Night Light
Captain America. The cracked wall sticker really adds to the effect, doesn’t it? (Image Source:Target)
3D Wall Art Nightlight - Captain America
Spiderman Face. Here’s Spiderman trying to get a piece of the action. Still not an Avenger, my friend. (Image Source: Target)
3D Wall Art Nightlight - Spiderman Face
Hulk Hand. Hulk Smash… and light up your room! (Image Source: Target)
3D Wall Art Nightlight - Hulk Hand
Thor Hammer. Try pulling that one out of the wall. (Image Source: Target)
3D Wall Art Nightlight - Thor Hammer
Thor Lightning Energy Hammer. Let Mjolnir light up your room. (Image Source: Think Geek)
Thor Lightning Energy Hammer
Shark Tale. Honey! Who let the shark in the house this time? (Image Source: Mukomelov Studio)
Shark Tale
Computer Key Desk Lamps. Also available: Esc, Del and Ctrl buttons. (Image Source: Ali Express)
CTRL And Shift Key Desk Lamps
BANG! Shoot ‘em up carries a different meaning here. The gun turns the lights on and off. Just aim and pull the remote-control trigger. (Image Source: BitPlayInc)
The Question Block Lamp. Are you tempted to knock the bottom of that question box to see what jumps out of it? (Image Source: 8 Bit Lit)
The Question Block Lamp
Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light. The classic game is reborn, as desk lamp lights. (Image Source: Paladone Products)
Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light
Uncle Milton Moon In My Room. Fancy having the moon in your room? (Image Source: Uncle Milton)
Uncle Milton Moon In My Room
The Lightsaber Wall Sconce. Lukes lightsaber in your room, complete with the iconic humming sound. (Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer)
The Lightsaber Wall Sconce
Ghostbusters 12″ Neon Sign. Well, this is ironic. (Image Source: Think Geek)
Ghostbusters 12 Neon Sign
Mini Batman Bat-Signal. For fans of the Dark Knight. (Image Source: Think Geek)
Mini Batman Bat-Signal
Weekend LEDIY Project: LED Cloud Lanterns. Not loving the others? Make your own. (Image Source: Elemental LED)
Weekend LEDIY Project: LED Cloud Lanterns
Atomium Floor. Alright, who left their asterisks lying out in the garden? (Image Source: Kundalini)
Atomium Floor